Sunday, January 29, 2012

The First Step...

Rant of the week:

So, here I am, trying to take pressure out of writing my first ever post by just putting something out there :S

I've been CRAVING halal dumplings for MONTHS!!
Even seriously considering planning another trip to Malaysia JUST for dumplings :D
But we finally tried out the "Chinese Halal Restaurant" (Yup, that’s the name of the place) in Auburn, last Thursday night.

And I’ll say it, straight off the bat, the dumplings WERE AWESOME :D!!!

BUT little else was…in fact everything else we tried left a LOT to be desired!! Not the least of which; was the service! 
The chick behind the counter, took my order at about 7pm. I had asked her how long the wait would be and she told me 25 minutes tops.

So we walk over to the park, next to the station, two kids in tow, (me in heels [so not a good idea]) to pass some time whilst we waited.
We go back and to pick up the food only to be told it would be another 20 minutes.
Ok, fine, so hubby thinks its best to wait outside so they can see us and know we’re waiting…after about 10 minutes my heels-bound-feet decide they need a rest, so I take my daughter in and we wait at an empty table.

After about 30 minutes I ask this chick to ‘HONESTLY, tell me how long’, she says 6 minutes.

After about 10 minutes and other people getting their orders before us, hubby comes in with the baby (having carried him for the last 40 minutes) to find out what is going on, the chick say another 10 minutes, at which point I get MAD.

Seriously just TELL us how long, for real! (What’s worse is she says sorry whilst giggling nervously, SO NOT FUNNY!) Anyway, we get our food over an hour after we arrived and go home neither of us in any mood to enjoy dinner any longer.

We didn’t eat that much that night, but ate the leftovers for lunch the next day and actually enjoyed it.

WHY is it that people think that they can get away with giving really bad service to people who seem like push overs!

Unless you get agro/rude/or obnoxious people want to try to walk all over you! 

Tired of it? I know I am. Just because I’m friendly to you at the start of a transaction doesn’t mean I’m going to sit there and be treated like a doormat for the duration!!

But after all that, would you believe I found some seafood dumpling in the freezer section of the new Greenacre Coles today! Can you believe it :D Haven’t tried them yet but will keep you posted :D

Ok, to update:

Tried the supermarket dumplings with my brother today (31/01/12), and I have to say, they weren't bad!

Nothing will compare to freshly made ones…but in a bind these will do nicely :)


  1. That's crap! There should be special consideration for people waiting with kids... otherwise we should get to let our kids run wikd in restaurant, then lets see how long we have to wait! jokes! but seriously, i'm with you, just tell me its gonna be an hour and then i'll decide if i can play at the park for an hour or go somewhere else, its simple honesty.

    1. Yup it was ridiculous!
      If not for the fact that we have no where else to go to (that i know of) for real tasty dumplings and the like that is halal, we would not ever intend to go back :S


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