Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My version of Fiji-Style Beef Soup

Unfortunately I've been busy recently so its taken me close to a month to write this post.

Ok, so, I am really bad with quantities as I tend to use things intuitively (which 9 times out of 10 means i end up making too much :S) Please adjust quantities to match the amount of meat you use.

Ground ginger powder
Ground garlic powder
Beef Stock
Bok Choy (or other greens)
Onion cut into eigths
1 large chilli

Place some flour, ground garlic, ground ginger, salt and ground pepper in a plastic bag and add meat then shake to coat.
Once fully coated fry off meat in a little oil till it is well browned.
Add crushed ginger, garlic and chilli and fry off for a few more minutes.
Turn heat to low and cover to release juices from the meat.
Sweat out meat till the released juices start to evaporate.
Increase heat to medium, add carrot and potatoes and brown off the veggies.
Add beef stock, salt and coarsely crushed pepper corns, cover and boil till meat and veggies are cooked through. (The more time you give your meat the tastier it will be, add water if liquid begins to deplete).
Add bok choy, chilli and onion and cook till they start to go soft.

And you are done :)

In Fiji this dish is usually served with either boiled Dalo (Taro), boiled Kasera (Cassava) or plain rice.
I decided to make some home made bread rolls on this occasion though :)

I used the recipe from:

This recipe is REALLY quick and easy and you really can't go wrong.
The only variation is that I use about 3-4 (heap) tablespoons of milk powder in with the flour it makes the dough stickier and harder to handle but the end result is a lot tastier :)

Hope you enjoy :D

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