Sunday, June 3, 2012

Amalgam cake :P

So I was looking at this cool recipe for cake at 10 pm thinking I would give it a try...then I saw it takes like an hour to bake!
I hence decided to combine the part I liked from it with one of the related recipes below which only took half the time :)
The result:

The cake I wanted to make was:

But the cake I did make was:

Basically I made the sponge as per recipe described (with the exception of reducing the sugar in the sponge by two thirds), then  made the Streusel from the other recipes.

I put half the batter from the sponge down in the tin, then sprinkled over the Streusel, before layering the other half of the sponge on top.

Unfortunately I did not have a tin the size suggested so I had to use next best thing which was too large.

The result:

Most likely this cake would have risen more if not for the streusel addition. It was nevertheless a very tasty cake!
I'm assuming it would have been a lot more spongey too if i had a smaller tin and also not been divided as it were. But it is still one of the most spongey cakes Ive made to date :D

At any rate, Im happy with my amalgam cake :)


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  2. Thanks for you comment!
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