Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little people...

Isn't it amazing what kids come up with!
My daughter S. surprises me almost every day...She is a regular comedian and she doesn't even know it :)

Just today she was playing by herself at her desk, when she picked up her handbag and turned to me to say; (She actually uses more Hindi than English so I will translate :D)
Yes darling?
"I just went to the doctor"
And what did the doctor say?
"Mummy, the doctor said, that baby (she's referring to herself) will go shopping"
Oh really? Did the doctor said that did he?
"Yes mummy, doctor said baby will go shopping and buy chocolate"

After a fit of laughter on my behalf, she coaxed a biscuit out of me.

When did this happen?? I mean she's a whole tiny person in there....
She is a little chatterbox, prattling off little pearls like this all day long. It is truly EXHAUSTING!
I asked dad if I talked this much when i was her age...he wisely chose not to acknowledge that question.

Forgive me if I sound arrogant, its not meant to be, this is fatigue talking; she is simply too intelligent for her own good. She knows just how to get what she wants, whether that be physically, (knowing that if she approaches the ball hidden under TV unit straight on, she will hit her head, instead lying down beside the outside of the unit and sticking her arm behind it to push it out with her fingers) or emotionally (knowing that her affection has currency with the people in her life and therefore throwing her arms open to yell out "mummy I love you too" following up with a kiss then letting you know what it is she really wants).

But the flip side of having a crafty little two year old is that you have one that knows her own mind. I thought I would get at least a few more years before I had to listen to her opinion (And oh brother! Does she ever have opinions!!!) She knows what she wants to wear. How she wants to do her hair. What she wants to eat. Where she wants to go. How she wants to go there. What she wants to do when she gets there...you get the idea...the days are LONG....

Again, this will sound a lot like hubris, but I honestly don't believe I've met another two year old that is as articulate and cognisant as her. This time last year, we were laughing as she stumbled over her words trying to speak to us. We were in hysterics as she tried to carry a stuffed toy more than twice her size up a Woolworth's aisle upto the checkouts! But our little typical LEO, has grown into a tenacious, clever, dynamo, with energy that just won't quit.

I try my best not to quash her character but I am very sorry to say that I am repeatedly guilty of losing my composure...
It’s just so difficult to be accommodating with a 5 month old in the mix.

It seems I feel guilty all the time...
Either I’m guilty, because I'm losing my temper with her. Or guilty that I must be doing something wrong since she won't comply with my instructions. Or guilty that I give into her tantrums in order to achieve a modicum of peace. Or guilty that I'm so engaged with her that I don't give my son U. as much attention as I did her when she was the same age. Or guilty that I don't have time to play with her because I either have to attend to my son or the home/housework. Or guilty that she still drinks out of bottle at night. Or guilty that she won't go to sleep (and stay asleep) in her own bed.

I wonder sometimes if it is just me...
Whoa! Didn't see this ramble coming...where did this start and where did it end? :S

Don't get me wrong, I read the literature out there; I know there are techniques that I should be using to train my child (...much like a household pet). But unfortunately its not that easy, not when you have an extended family, who will consistently cater to her every whim without a moments consideration to any instruction you utter.

There is no point being the police officer of fun when there are others who ignore you and enable both bad behavior and disobedience. The result is you become the bad guy, and bogeyman!

Ok, enough for tonight me thinks :S

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