Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Watching this documentary on the television, "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead".
Its about a guy with an autoimmune disease who decided to go on a Juice Fast in order to get his body back in shape.
Long and short of it is he lost a heap of weight and basically cured himself of his disease.

Very inspiring and making me want to do it (I have Idiopathic [translation: cause unknown] Anaphylaxis and debilitating migraines so I wonder if this might not be a solution for me..)...but logistics....the sheer AMOUNT of fruit and veg they consume in a day is probably not sustainable in my case I think...

Maybe I can start by just swapping out my breakfast meals for a liquid substitute of fruit and veg...but i don't have a juicer either...hmmm....

I am keen...but I also have to be careful as my son is not bottle-fed and still relies on me. But surely the breakfast swap out should be ok.

I hate always thinking about food, and when you are self conscious about your weight that is what you end up doing.

I am someone who loves cooking; I find a lot of pride in the ability to master a recipe. 
In my life I've achieved and maintained substantial weight loss at least twice. But it only takes one week of bargaining with yourself, where you make promises to work off the fast food or chocolate treat later to detract from all that you have accomplished and set you on a downward spiral. Aside from that I worked out a lot. Like at least a minimum of 1 hour 3-6 days (it was in reality closer to a minimum of 2-3 hours more often than not) a week with an additional 20-40 minutes of Pilates 7 days a week, and Swimming at least 20 minutes at least 3 times a week. That level of commitment is just not possible any longer for me. Hmmm.....

At the moment I want to lose at least four dress sizes…I really want to be fit again and looking better before I return to work in July.
The likelihood of that happening however is so minute it’s depressing.
When do I find the time?
I NEED to do something though…this bleak :S


  1. Oh lady, you always look beautiful!! I can't imagine you ever NOT looking beautiful... it's impossible!Rather than swapping breakfast, try swapping lunch (or rather split it into 2 meals) and have a huge juice and a huge veggie stir fry. Breakfast is extra extra important... you haven't eaten for 12hrs or longer, you're feeding a baby, you need to eat a decent amount of food for breakfast. Have eggs, or protein and carbs and porrige... something filling! The extra fruit and veg will help you feed your baby :)) and this is all very sound, good advice, that is super hard to follow when you love food as much as we do!!

    1. AWWWW! Thank you! I know there was a reason I loved you :D But i need to do something...this weather we are having is not helping anything though :S


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